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Creating Pie Chart

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I've *thought* I created a pie chart but it doesn't show up on my web page and I get no errors.

Here is the code...I've only worked with bar charts before, so not sure what to do here. Seems like it should be simple:

set ChartHqtPie = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer")

ChartHqtPie.Gallery = PIE

ChartHqtPie.OpenDataEx 1,1,2

ChartHqtPie.Series(0).YValue(0) = "94"

ChartHqtPie.Series(0).YValue(0) = "6"

ChartHqtPie.CloseData 1

ChartHqtPie.KeyLeg(0) = "Fully Certified & Highly Qualified"

ChartHqtPie.KeyLeg(1) = "Hold Emergency Credentials"

ChartHqtPie.PointLabels = True

ChartHqtPie.Chart3D = False

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