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Future user: Q on adjunct software?

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I'm a non-technical project manager, so please forgive me if I use the

wrong terminology...

We are reviewing components to generate charts on our intranet (via active

server pages), and ChartFX is a strong contender. From what I have seen,

though, it does not appear to have built-in statistical functions, such as

trend lines (linear regression) and control charting (standard deviations).

Are there any adjunct software packages that any of you ChartFX users use

(in conjunction with ChartFX) to provide this functionality? I'm thinking

of something we could just pas our values to, and have it return the values

for these statistical functions, which we could then pass to chartfx as

formatted lines.

The alternative is that we could code the statistics ourselves, but that

seems an awful waste of time.

Any options would be greatly appreciated.



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