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Re: Positioning the Legend

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I am attempting to position my legend on the bottom of my charts, however no

matter what I do, it always appears on the right hand side. I have placed

my code below so that you can see what I am doing. Any help would be great.

Thank you.

<CFOBJECT ACTION="Create" NAME="Chart1" CLASS="ChartFX.WebServer">

<CFSET Chart1.UserAgent = #HTTP_USER_AGENT#>

<!-- General Settings -->

<CFSET Chart1.View3DDepth = 75>

<CFSET Chart1.AxesStyle = 1>

<CFSET Chart1.Gallery = Bar>

<CFSET Chart1.Chart3D = True>

<CFSET Chart1.TipMask = "Value: %v. Percentage %p">

<!-- Color Settings -->

<CFSET Chart1.MultipleColors = 1>

<CFSET Chart1.Palette = "Dark Pastels">

<!-- Axis Settings -->

<CFSET Chart1Axis = Chart1.Axis>

<CFSET Chart1Axis0 = Chart1.GetArrayProp("item",AXIS_X,Chart1Axis)>

<CFSET Chart1Axis0.TickMark = -32767>

<!-- Other Settings -->

<CFSET Chart1.BorderStyle = 10>

<CFSET Chart1.DblClk(0,0)>

<CFSET Chart1.Grid = 1>

<!-- Display and Positioning the Legend Box -->

<CFSET Chart1.Legendbox = 1>

<CFSET SerLegBoxObj = Chart1.SerLegBoxObj>

<CFSET SerLegBoxObj = True>

<CFSET SerLegBoxObj.Docked = 258>



<CFSET l_number = 0>

<CFSET Chart1.ThisSerie = 0>

<CFLOOP query="l_struct_search_criteria.qry_results">





<CFSET l_number = l_number + 1>


<CFSET Chart1.CloseData(COD_VALUES)>

<CFSET Series=Chart1.GetArrayProp("Item",0,Chart1.Series)>

<CFSET Series.PointLabels = True>

<CFSET Series.PointLabelAngle = 90>

<CFSET Series.PointLabelAlign = BitOr(LA_RIGHT,LA_BASELINE)>



<CFOUTPUT> # Chart1.GetHtmlTag(600,350,"Auto","Chart1") # </CFOUTPUT>

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