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I am attempting to use the ChartFX tool in my ColdFusion code.

Looking through the examples on the support website (which appears to be the

only documentation for ColdFusion Developers), I have found a few examples

of code that I need assistance on. I am trying to determine exactly what is

occurring with the code but there does not appear to be any documentation.

There is an example below:

<CFSET Chart1Axis0 = Chart1.GetArrayProp("item",AXIS_X,Chart1Axis)>

What is GetArrayProp() doing? I can not find any documentation on it.

Thank you.

Also, no matter what I do, even using examples of code from the support

site, I can't get a legend to appear. Can you help?

The way I am populating my Chart is by looping through a ColdFusion query.



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