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Failed to License Error

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I also posted this on the chartfx.internet.55 newsgroup.  I wasn't sure which one

was more appopriate.

I found the documentation on this error in the Troubleshooting the Activex

Control component web page. The 'failed to download license' error is only

happening for a select amount of users. Could this be a permission issue on

the local user's machine? Internet security issue? I have verified that all

directories, rights,

etc. exist on the server including the License virtual directory. As I

mentioned 95% of our users are working correctly, but a few are getting this

error message. We actually had to get these users to manually download the

chart fx component via the CfxIEAxSetup.exe program prior to them getting

the error message. It appears the activex control was not automatically

downloaded for these 5% of users. Any thoughts/ideas to what I can look

for?? Thanks!

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