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Selecting printers and printer options

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I am trying to make the printing process as flexible as possible for the

clients, but I have run into the following problems:

1) If I use the normal PrintIt function, it automatically goes to

the user's default printer and the users have no opportunity to define

such things as paper size. Even it they change the attributes of the

default printer in Windows, the graph always prints on an 81/2 x 11 inch


2) If I use the ShowDialog function to allow the users to pick a

printer, they can now change things like the printer to use and the page

size... but the output is always in black and white (I tried using

ForceColors and it didn't help). Also, I can't control the range of

pages to print as was possible with PrintIt... it always prints all the


Has anyone run into these problems? Has anyone solved them?


Stuart Thompson

System Architect - River Scour, Aerial Leak Detection, PRIME, XFIALS

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