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Series legend causing independent data editor scroll

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I have noticed that the number of characters used in the series legend has a

fairly major effect on the behaviour of the data editor. With a scrollable

chart the dataeditor normally scrolls as the chart itself does. Obviously

this means that the data sits under the appropriate point. However, by

using a legend of greater than 5 characters (in my case) the scrolling of

the 2 areas (chart & data editor) become independent. This means that as

one element is scrolled the second element remains static thus leading to

the wrong data sitting under a given point. Has anyone else found this


I'm currently using the eval copy and modifying the scroll.asp sample page

but with a series legend like so: chart.series(0).legend="123456".

Changing that legend to 12345 works ok but you only see 1/2 of the "5".


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