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ActiveX Plugin crashes

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Hello all,

I am experiencing a most unusual problem with the ActiveX plugin for a Chart

FX FE chart. The plugin is crashing on most but not all client machines.

- I have a standard OHLC + Volume stock chart.

- The chart shows as an image successfully.

- The same chart, when shown as an ActiveX control, crashes the browser

(IE4.x, IE5.x and NN4.7x). Sometimes a memory leak is reported.

The crash does NOT happen on:

- the web server itself

- my machine at home (which is connected to the internet via Cable)

- Felix's machine at Software FX (he kindly tested it for me)

The crash DOES happen:

- on all client machines within our company network (we're all behind a


- on the client machines within a client company of ours (they are behind a


I'm assuming this all has something to do with the firewall, but was

wondering if anyone else has experienced this and knows how best to remedy

it, or has any advice?

Many thanks in advance,

Matthew Haworth

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