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Setting gallery types

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I noticed a behaviour of the chart which I don't understand. If I set the

chart gallery for all series to CURVE, it applies the type to all series -

like I would expect it. If I now set the gallery for one of the series to

BAR, the following happens. Instead of setting the one series to bar, it

sets the ?default? gallery to bar and sets all other series manually to

CURVE. So instead of having a chart that is a curve chart with one series

set to bar I end up with a bar chart with all except one series set to


This does not matter for the visualisation of the chart, but I would have to

manage the default type by hand if I afterwards go to change the data, but

want to keep the default gallery, if you know what I mean. Why is the chart

behaving like this???


Stephan Klaffer

DecisionWorks London

PS: Pseudo code to demonstrate this. It assumes sufficient data set in the


ChartFX1.Gallery = CURVE

ChartFX1.Series(2).Gallery = BAR

' I now expect the ChartFX1.Gallery property to return CURVE, but it does

return BAR. Asking all other series for their galleries give

' back CURVE. If I do this other way around the chart behaves like I expect


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