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Tooltips on multiple charts

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I couldn't find this in the documentation and it took me a while to figure

out so I thought it might be worth sharing...

One of our pages has two ChartFX.NET charts on it (sent as images to the

client) and I found that the tooltips worked fine on the first, but not on

the second. In fact the second chart would inherit the title popup from the

first chart for example and the popups over the points would not work at

all. Both charts worked fine if they were alone on the page.

I found the solution was to make sure that the fourth parameter in the call

to GetHTMLTag (the sName param) was specified with a unique name. I guess

this makes sense since the imagemap needs to be associated with a client

side object, but it had me frustrated for some time.

SFX - maybe that could be added to the docs describing this functionality?.

If it's there and I didn't find it - apologies.

Hope this helps.



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