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Viewing Problem through Win2000 & IE 5.5

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I'm experiencing a problem when trying to view ChartFX IE 2000 and WebBarFX

graphics from your support web site (http://support.softwarefx.com/cfxie/)

while browsing from my Windows2000 PC w/MS-IE 5.5. I can view your ChartFX

IE 2000 and WebBarFX graphs from my Windows95 PC w/MS-IE 5.0. FAQ Q1461998,

"Troubleshooting the ChartFX ActiveX Control Component", describes the

problem (Internet Explorer shows a picture with a red X in place of the

chart) but the solutions all appear to be server sided.

Are there specific configuration settings that I should check on the Win2000

PC? A casual check of the Internet Options Enable doesn't reveal any

obvious problems (Install on Demand is activated).

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