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Param supported by the Client Component

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We are trying to build an application using Chart FX Financial Edition

component. This application should be able to provide some charts to our

clients. Therefore we made an interface with a specifical asp page where the

user can configure the chart visual attributes using the Active X control.

The datas are passed using the param tag.Below is a sample of my code:

<PARAM Name="InLineData" Value="Series">

<PARAM Name="S0" Value="100.0,101.4,108.2,178.1,.."

Moreover, I tried to set some properties to improve the chart basic

appearance. I would like to set a legend for the X-Axis with some dates. I

saw in your site the params which are supported by the client component and

I was interested in "keylabel" and "label" properties. Thus I add the

following lines to my page :

<PARAM Name="axis(2).KeyLabel(0)" Value="Janvier">

<PARAM Name="axis(2).KeyLabel(1)" Value="F

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