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Re: X and Y Axis max value

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I don't know if this would do the trick or not, but try putting

"chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).AdjustScale" immediately after your last statement.

I have also found out that if perform the scale changes and then do some

other changes later, your scale most often gets lost. You might want to put

this code immediately before you generate the report.

I hope this helps,


"Torben Brenden Pedersen" <torbenbp (at) netcom (dot) no> wrote in message


> Hi


> I have been trying to get the Y axis of my charts to display the correct


> value. I use the command:


> ' Max and min values

> chart.Axis( AXIS_Y ).Min = 0

> chart.Axis( AXIS_Y ).Max = 100

> chart.Axis( AXIS_X ).Min = 0

> chart.Axis( AXIS_X ).Max = 100


> This does not seem to work on th Y axis, even though it is a numerical



> Please look at att.


> -- Torben Brenden Pedersen








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