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> Do you get this behavior after rebooting your web server ? 


> Did you check the permissions of the CfxSrv.ini folder to see if the

> user impersonated by IIS has read access on this file ?


Because of all problems I have since I upgrade from CFXIE 3.5, I decided to

uninstall everything and to restart from scratch.

Now it is better than before, but I still have problems

Client version 4,5,16,2

Tested Under IE5.0, IE4.0, NS4.7, NS4.5 (different computers)

With <%= Chart1.GetHtmlTag(480,333,"Auto","Chart1") %>, I always get an


With <%= Chart1.GetHtmlTag(480,333,"ActiveX","Chart1") %>, With IE,

everything seems to work fine.

With <%= Chart1.GetHtmlTag(480,333,"Plugin","Chart1") %>, With NS the code

seems to be correct :

<EMBED type=chart/chartfxie width="480" height="333" name="Chart1"

PLUGINSPAGE=/download/NpCfxIE.htm PluginVersion="4,5,16,2"




But I see nothing on the screen but the chw file is created

I've checked all rights on all ChartFX files (ini, dll, htm,...) and also

rights on key registry.

You also have to know my server use SSL encryption.

I've also noticed, on my server, under Application Settings in MMC, in App

Mappings, there is one extension related to CfXieserver (.cfs). Is it normal


Thanks for your help


> Frederic GERDIL (f.gerdil@igc.ch)

> ICQ#51548199

> Network Administrator

> IGC Secretariat

> Phone : (4122) 917 83 46

> Fax : (4122) 917 80 58

> Portable : (033) 608 43 02 21


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