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I would like to save the changes that the user has done on a chart.

I would like to save this information on server side, so that no matter what

computer the user is using he still will be able to see his changes (he has

a login, so I can track his files).

This is working fine to get the information:



But in order to save the information, I've tried the following:

function save_onclick() {

// export the info from the chart



Then I've noticed that I can only save the template file on the client's

computer but not on server side.

The import function is only working on client side also:

This works fine:

function window_onload() {

ChartFX1.Import(4,"c:/chart1.cht") // file exists on client side


Can I save the chf file directly to the server using the export function and

load a chf through javascript using the import function ?



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