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CFXIE5.5 COM Version "An Exception Occured"

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Application Center SP2


CFXIE 5.5 COM Version

Using ASP to create ActiveX and PNG charts. Works great for ~ 2 to 4 weeks

then brings up generic error "An Exception Occurred" when calling

GetHtmlTag() method.

This error does not go away until the server is rebooted.

This began about 2 months ago. Had been running fine for four years previous

to this.

Things that changed just before errors began:

.Net 1.1 Framework installed on IIS server.

Automated system tester began requesting about 2000 (empty) charts per WEEK.

Could either of these things be causing our error? Is there any way to get

the DLL to return a more detailed message? We are in a gigantic rush to

resolve this.

Thank you everyone,


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