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Using CfxIE5.5 Annotation Objects from VB.NET - errors

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I'm trying to use the CfxIE 5.5 Annotation Objects in a project I'm

converting from classic ASP to ASP.NET.

I didn't find an AnnotationX reference to put into the ASP.NET references,

but I did find AnnotateX and tried that.

Has anyone been able to use Annotation objects from 5.5 in ASP.Net?

What am I doing wrong?

AnnotationX.AnnList is listed in the registry as:


The old code in ASP was:

dim objAnnotation

dim obj

dim intOffset

Set objAnnotation = Server.CreateObject("AnnotationX.AnnList")

me.objChart.AddExtension objAnnotation

set obj = objAnnotation.Add(OBJECT_TYPE_TEXT)

with obj

The new code looks like:

dim objAnnotation as AnnotateX.AnnText -- I could not find

AnnotationX.AnnList in the .NET object browser...

dim obj

objAnnotation = new AnnotateX.AnnText '---- THIS L:INE CAUSES THE ERROR



obj = objAnnotation.Add(AnnotateX.ObjectType.OBJECT_TYPE_TEXT)

COM object with CLSID {EF600D80-358F-11D1-8FD4-00AA00BD091C} is either not

valid or not registered.



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