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ActiveX component can't create object after upgrade to 5.5.14

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I have a production web server running ChartFX Internet 5.5 on Windows 2000

SP4. The CfxIESrv.dll file is version We create a chart from

Visual Basic 6 SP6 code using:

Set objChart = New ChartfxLib.ChartFX

With objChart

.Chart3D = False

.Gallery = SCATTER

... heaps more code

.GetHtmlDataEx iGraphSizeWidth, iGraphSizeHeight, "Png", 7, vData,


Then we save vData and vMap to temporary disk files and serve them via a

HREF from a dynamically created page. This has worked beautifully for a few


Now we want to migrate our web server to Windows 2003. I've installed the

latest ChartFx Internet 5.5, version, which we had to use because

of the hyper-threaded processor in the new server. This version gives an

error "ActiveX component can't create object" on the first line of code

above. I've tried granting Everyone permissions to the Program Files\CfxIE,

Program Files\Common Files\Software FX Shared and WINNT\Fonts folders

without success. I've also tried manually registering cfxiesrv.dll.

I then tried installing on my development PC. When running in the VB IDE

the chart works. When running the same code but compiled to a DLL it

doesn't work. Sounds like something to do with COM type libraries.

I don't believe I can use ChartFx Client Server because I need the

GetHtmlDataEx method for the PNG file format and image maps, and that only

comes with ChartFX Internet. I therefore think I'm using the correct

product for the task.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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