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ChartFX trial version - IIS install settings

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Hi all!

Having some dramas getting the trial version of ChartFX, specifically the

IIS side of things. I'm running 2003 .net server (beta 2), and the trial

version install executable. I have ensured that all options are

checked in the install list, including the IIS virtual directories.

During the installation, it stops and restarts IIS as it should, but fails

to install the virtual directories into any of the web sites I specify. I

have tried a number of different things to get it going manually, (like

adding the "Web" directory as a virtual directory of a site), but obviously

I'm missing a few steps in the process in attempting it this way - like

registration of packages / license etc.

An example of my problems happens when I open the default.htm file in the

Web directory - from windows explorer, it loads the WebBarCtl.htm frame

without any dramas, and the embedded component is fine. However, if I browse

this file via the IIS hosted virtual directory, the WebBarCtl.htm frame

never loads and never gives an error message - it simply does nothing!

I presumed that the trial install *should* have loaded all the appropriate

IIS settings for me? Is there any security settings I need to check to allow

these IIS settings to be installed? Or am I just missing something seriously

obvious? :^)

Many thanks in advance!


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