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cannot render charts using SSL

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Has anyone had any difficulty rendering charts using an SSL protected

website. My charts work fine on our test machine, but as soon as we prt them

over to the secure site they will not render. I get a "failure to download

license" error. If i modify the CfxSrv.ini file and specify the exact path

to the license and data , then it works...only problem is, if i use our

internal IP address , then no one outside the firewall can see it AND if i

use the domain name, then we cannot see it from inside our firewall. I also

have to manually uncheck "require SSL" option from both the license and

cfxTemp virtual directories. According to CFX, this issue was fixed several

verisons ago. If any has had problems simialr to this please respond. I seem

to have CFX support stumped and verisign doesnt seem to have any answers

either. Thanks

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