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Re: ChartFX IE using COM within ASP.NET

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I was trying to use this method, "GetHtmlDataEx" and use the chart stream

and display with Response.BynaryWrite but couldn't find the .net type to

declare the variable to receive that data stream.

Found the thread regarding this like below but no clue...

I believe the type is "VT_STREAM" for that chart stream and I couldn't find

the .net type for that.

Any idea or sample code regarding this issue?




I don't think ASP.NET is binary compatible with IIS and ChartFX (I am

guessing you are trying to use GetHtmlData) is coded to "talk" with IIS COM


You should be able to use GetHtmlDataEx and return the stream to the





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"Russ" <russ.1@excite.com> wrote in message


> Hi All,


> I have been able to get the static chart generation (ie using the active x

> to read a temp file from disk) but as yet have not been able to use


> stream direct to the browser,


> Cheers


> Russ





> "Russ" <russ.1@excite.com> wrote in message

> news:wlvZJJMOCHA.1280@webserver1.softwarefx.com...

> > Hi,

> >

> > Has anyone used the Chart FX Server Object (COM) within the .NET

> framework.

> >

> > I am currently trying to get a c# class library to wrap around the COM

> > object so that we can use the COM version of Chart FX within our .net

> site.

> >

> > We are unable to use the .net version of Chart FX as the Active X


> is

> > also .net, and our clients are unable to install the .net framework

> >

> > Any help of this would be great!!!

> >

> > Cheers

> >

> > Russ

> >

> >



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