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PointMask property

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I'm trying to set the series name on the markers using the PointMask

property as follows:

ChartFX1.PointLabels = true;

ChartFX1.OpenDataEx(COD_VALUES, 1, 5);

ChartFX1.OpenDataEx(COD_INIVALUES, 1, 5);

for(i=0; i<cnt; i++)


dtmDate = new Date(rstADO(0));

ChartFX1.IniValueEx(0, i) = dtmDate.getVarDate();

dtmDate = new Date(rstADO(1));

ChartFX1.ValueEx(0, i) = dtmDate.getVarDate();

ChartFX1.SerLeg(i) = rstADO(2);

ChartFX1.PointLabelMask = "%s";

ChartFX1.PointLabelAlign = LA_CENTER;



But I'm not getting the desired result. The resulting chart is as follows:

Instead the medecine name corresponding to each series need to appear as

pointlabels. If I use

ChartFX1.Series(0).PointLabels = true;

instead of

ChartFX1.PointLabelMask = "%s";

I can get the end dates displayed correctly but it is the medecine names

that I want to appear in there so that I needn't worry about displaying the


Do I make sense ?



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