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Series Legend Box does not always come up the correct size

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I have been battling with a problem with my graphs for quite a while now,

and I am convinced that this is a ChartFX bug.

Attached are 2 pictures. On one of the pictures, the series legend box is

massive, far bigger than it needs to be, which has obviously shrunk the

graph. The other picture shows what the graph should look like all of the


This is the strange bit. The graph only comes up with a big series legend

box every now and then. About 30-40% of the time. Refreshing the page

makes no difference. As soon as the box comes up big, it stays big. The

only way of making it to back down to the proper size is to double click it

which brings it out into its own window and then dock it back into the


Has anyone else had this problem? It may have been fixed in version

5,5,9,0. However, as you will see from a post I made, that service pack has

kindly knackered one of our machines, so we will not let that service pack

touch anything until we have repaired that one. Please let me know if this

is an aknowledged bug that has been fixed in the latest version

Due to the codes complexity of our code I cannot really provide any code




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