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Performing a manual uninstallation of ChartFX IE

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I have already emailed this direct to Software FX but they have not

responded. Hopefully someone on this group may be able to help.

Last week I posted a message on your newsgroup about the latest service pack

killing our machines. This situation has still not been resolved. As

mentioned in my initial message, I already carried out the instructions

provided to resolve the problem but it did not work. After several attempts,

we managed to get our image based report to worl ONCE. From then on, the

image generation error occured

Can anyone provide the following please?

1) Instructions of how to perform a complete MANUAL removal of ChartFX from

our machines. The uninstall program does not remove all traces. We want to

return the machines to the state they were in before ChartFX was installed.

Information we will probably need is what keys to remove from the registry,

which DLLs to unregister, etc.

2) A link to, the official service pack that brought ChartFX up to version

5,5,6,0 NOT the latest pack (5,5,9,0)



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