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Bubble Chart with an XML Data Source

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I'm not clear on how the xml data should be passed when trying to create a

Bubble chart with an X Coordinate. Here's a sample of what I'm using to

create this chart. What am I missing?

Year - x-value

FTE - y value

Category - series value

Size - bubble size value

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>




<column name="Category" type="String"/>

<column name="Year" type="Date"/>

<column name="FTE" type="Integer"/>

<column name="Size" type="Integer"/>


<row Year="1991" Category="Benefits" FTE="30" Size="32"/>

<row Year="1991" Category="Salary" FTE="30" Size="50"/>

<row Year="1991" Category="Facilities" FTE="30" Size="18"/>

<row Year="1992" Category="Benefits" FTE="35" Size="33"/>

<row Year="1992" Category="Salary" FTE="35" Size="50"/>

<row Year="1992" Category="Facilities" FTE="35" Size="17"/>



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