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Using annotation objects for Point Values

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I'm trying to use Annotation objects for Point Labels so I can center point values on a gantt chart with more control, and using the PointToValue and ValueToPoint calls to manipulate position. This mostly works, but it seems like one of these tends to slew the points to the left as it gets closer to the top. I'm not using any perspective, so I don't know what the problem is.

Also, the doco seems incorrect -

Doco says:

ChartName.PixelToValue([in] double x, [in] double y, [out] long *xValue, [out] long *yValue,CfxAxisIndex nYAxis);

I think this is probably a copy/paste error from ValueToPixel, but looks like it really works like:

ChartName.PixelToValue([in] long x, [in] long y, [out] double *xValue, [out] double *yValue,CfxAxisIndex nYAxis);

So, when is that service pack for ChartFX.NET coming out? It would sure be nice to have the ability to center point values in a GANTT within the ChartFX control.

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