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Re: Legend for XY Line Chart with mulitple series

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All set.  I simply used:  Chart.SerLegBox = True. I just rearranged my

datasource to return back the columns as I need them in the chart.

"PD" <pdaniel@commonwealth.com> wrote in message


> How can I create the legend for a multiple series XY line chart? I have

> used the Chart.SerLegBox to display the legend box, but I cannot find the

> correct method/property to assign legend values to each series. For

> example, I have 2 series: one for 2001 and the other for 2002. Each


> out the assets on a monthly basis for each year. I would like to add


> and '2001' to the legend box but have not found the code to perform this.


> have tried Chart.SerLeg(0) = "2000" but this has not worked. Any

> suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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