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Bug with YAxis property of Series in combination of RecalcScale???

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I've run into an interesting situation that, depending on where I put a

".RecalcScale" function call in relation to an assignment to the YAxis

property of a series, the second Y axis will show even if nothing is

assigned and it has the style of "AS_HIDE." Attached is some sample code

that reproduces the problem. I realize that part of it seems a little

weird - always assigning AXIS_Y to the YAxis property of a series. The

reason why I am doing this is that depending on the data that I am receiving

from a database, I sometimes need the second y axis and sometimes I don't.

So for each series, I specify which axis it is to be displayed on.

Sometimes this will set all series to the Y axis (therefore needing to keep

the Y2 axis hidden) and other times it will use both axes. It works fine if

there is data for the Y2 axis. There appears to be a side affect of

resetting the Style property of an axis when the RecalcScale method has been

called AFTER the series have been assigned to an axis. If you reset the

Style property AFTER the RecalcScale to "AS_HIDE," things work better (but

not as would be expected - there is still extra space on that side).

One big gripe related to this - I have ran across many things that tend to

create undocumented side-effects depending on the order of statements

(search through the old postings for my name and you will find a couple that

I ran in to - others I figured out on my own and the side-effects made a

little bit of sense). Is there any chance of getting these side-effects

removed and/or documented? Setting unrelated properties or calling

unrelated functions should not cause some of the quirky things that I have

ran across.

Thanks for all the help and, even after all I said, I really do like the

product! :-)

Chris Taylor


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