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Problem Generating Images

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I am using ChartFX IE 5.5 on an NT 4.0 and having a problem with the

generation of the images. The problem is that I get an image box with the

infamous red x in the upper left hand corner. When I view the source there

is no image name inside the Image tag returned from GetHtmlTag. I assumed

that someone unknowingly changed the permissions on the temp folder, but

that wasn't the case. All the permissions are at least change.

I used the code provided through the Software FX support site in order to

generate a dynamic image. There was no image name and no image created but

I still had the red x. I tried changing the type of file to a "Jpeg" and a

file was generated but then an error was thrown. The error was "CFX61B1".

I couldn't find any articles on this error.

The components are installed on a production server and I am told that

nothing was changes (permissions etc.)

If anyone might have help or be able to offer some advice of the next steps,

I would appreciate it!

Thank you

P.S.- I found a post in a newsgroup in which a dll called "CfxIEChecker" was

named in order to report errors. I could not find this dll for download.

Where can I find it?


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