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Re: Please help me~~ (making .chw data file.)

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Hello Madkoala,

The chart interactivity has nothing to do with how data is read. If you are

using server side code to create the charts please note

that ChartFX IE uses browser detection. The .chx files are only generated

if the browser version accessing the chart can support the

file type. ChartFX IE uses browser detection technology in order to

determine the generated file type and if permissions are not

correct on the "Config" directory of the ChartFX IE 2000 installation, only

static images will be created. In order to fix this

problem you need to change the NT security permissions on this directory to

Read and Write for IUser_MachineName. Read permissions

alone can cause browser detection to fail. If the problem continues after

the permissions have been changed on this directory then

it will be necessary for you to reboot your web server because it may be

caching your previous security settings.

For more information on this topic, you may access the Knowledge Base

article at:


Kind regards,

Rob Hendrix

SoftwareFX Support

"Madkoala" <madkoala@hackerslab.com> wrote in message


> I want to use CFXIE 2000 but I can't make .chw file.

> I can use Textdata to make chart, but the chart is not interactive(I can't

> change chart type).

> So I want to make .chw file and make interactive chart..


> Please let me know the way.

> Thanks in advance.



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