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Getting "Failed to Download chart data"

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I am using ChartFX IE 2000 across three servers that are load balanced. I am

getting intermitent errors "Failed to Download chart data."

First Web Server = http://webserv1/

Second Web Server = http://webserv2/

Third Web Server = http://webserv3/

All three of the web servers are set as one virtual server, http://webserv/.

When I call the application on one of the servers, I always get the data:

http://webserv1/app/ works fine.

http://webserv2/app/ works fine.

http://webserv3/app/ works fine.

But when I call the virtual site (all three load balanced)

http://webserv/app/ - I sometimes get an error message. I get the error

message: "Failed to Download chart data." I do get the Chart, but not all of

the time. It seems to have no pattern.

My Conclusions:

It seems that when ChartFx writes into the CFxTemp directory, it may or may

not look for the Temp file on that same server. The initial request goes to

http://webserver1/app/ to build the temp file. When the page goes to display

the Chart, the second requests is routed to a different server that does not

have the Temp file.

I attempted to run mirrored replication between the servers, but the

replication software is not fast enough to render the data.

Any ideas how to resolve?

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