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Output to ActiveX resets to default settings

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I'm finally getting to actually implement Cfx2000 and having a bizzare


If I run the following code, I get what I expect:

Set objChart = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer.4")

objChart.Gallery = LINES

Response.Write objChart.GetHTMLTag(400,250,"Image")

However, change the GetHTMLTag() call to use the ActiveX control ...

Response.Write objChart.GetHTMLTag(400,250,"ActiveX")

...and I get a chart with the default settings (3D bar chart). I've tried

setting background color, 3D, grids, etc. It all works well when the output

is image, but not when the output is the ActiveX control. It's as if the

control isn't getting the .chw file.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Michael Thomas

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