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Maximize Size of graph and Minimize White Space...

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Can someone suggest a solution to this problem...see the attached images.

Default view of controls are the graphs on the right of the attached image.

I want to minimize the use of white space that the control paints. So I

resized the control manually with the mouse by dragging the top up and

bottom down. The results of resizing can be seen on the left hand side of

the attached image. Can this be done programmatically? I'm using CFxIE 3.5

on Windows NT 4 and ASP.

NOTE: I haven't changed the size of the ActiveX control, just the size of

the charts within the control; so I've effectively minimized the white

space. Now I need to do this from with my ASP script if possible.



Kevin Jullion, MCSD, MCSE, MCT



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