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Exporting Images and Cold Fusion

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Can someone give me the correct syntax to export an image using Cold Fusion


This example does make sense to me.

Chart.ImgWidth = 400

Chart.ImgHeight = 350

Chart.ImgTags = "Png"

Chart.Export CHART_IMAGE,"C:\Charts\Test.png"

I assume this would be correct :

<cfset Chart.ImgWidth = 400>

<cfset Chart.ImgHeight = 350>

<cfset Chart.ImgTags = "Png">

BUT how do I setup

Chart.Export CHART_IMAGE,"C:\Charts\Test.png"

and what does "(defined as 9) " mean ????????

You can also use the Export method passing the first parameter as

CHART_IMAGE (defined as 9) and the second parameter as a fully qualified

name of the file you need to generate, in order to set the image type you

will have to use the ImgTags property, e.g.

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