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I installed the Server Service Pack for CFXIE2000 and am getting weird

behavior for IE, Navigator and Netscape 6.

IE - On some client machines, the ActiveX control asks if they would like

to upgrade the Chart Control every time the page with a chart is loaded. If

they click yes, the message will pop up again when they load a page with

ChartFX imbedded.

Netscape Navigator - The same thing happens with the Plugin. ChartFX asks

if I want to upgrade, I say yes, install the plugin, restart Navigator and

as soon as I hit the site, it asks again if I want to upgrade the plugin.

Netscape 6 - ChartFX recognizes the Netscape 6 browser, but when I install

the Plugin for Netscape 6, the next time I head into the website, the

plugin' doesn't show, just the icon to have the plugin' downloaded.

Does any of this have to do with not un-registering the components before

the new ones are installed? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


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