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Re: Legend Values Too Large

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After a little more research, it turns out NO text fields can be displayed

on the legend. This is even if there as short as 3 characters. Any number

fields can be displayed on the legend (X-Axis) successfully. The database is

Access 2000, on an IIS 5.0 server with all the latest ODBC drivers. Here is

the stripped down code that produces a bar graph with 10 points and Red tag


<!-- #include virtual="/CfxTemp/CfxIE.inc" -->


Set chart = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer")

Chart.LoadDefault 1

chart.RgbBk = RGB(255,255,255)

Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

Conn.Open ("Survey")

sql = "SELECT ROUND(Expr1,1), Tag FROM `Report 1` WHERE `Primary Tag`

= '"+strDistrict+"'"

Set RS = Conn.Execute(sql)

Chart.AdoResultset RS

Chart.DataType(0) = CDT_VALUE

Chart.Datatype(1) = CDT_STRING

Chart.ImgQuality = 100

Chart.ImgSmooth = 0

Chart.LegStyle = CL_VERTXLEG


Chart.Grid = 1


set conn = nothing



<%= chart.GetHtmlTag(700,400) %>

"Lee Wolfe" <Lee.Wolfe@Compaq.com> wrote in message


> I have X-AXIS legend values that are 20 characters long. Setting a large

> bottom gap, turning off single line, or setting the legend to verticle


> produces a Red tag number. This Red tag number means the string is too


> and will not print out. I even tried a seperate right aligned legend, and

> just the Red tag labels print. How can I print legend values this long?


> -Lee



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