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HELP WITH: Chart.DateFormat = "DMM-dd-yy hh:mm tt"

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The following code is posted under the ASP Samples on the FX site, however,

it does NOT work. I can display the Date OR the Time, but when I try and

combine the two, as is written in a comment about the example, it does not

work. I first thought that maybe it need the 'T' infornt of the hh but it

does not. Chart.DateFormat = "DMM-dd-yy hh:mm tt" What it does is show:

"1/8/01 hh:mm tt" or "1/8/01 Thh:mm tt" if I added the 'T'. Does anyone

have this working or is this a known problem?

Also, can you change this to write the date and time at a 75-90 degree angle

from normal because it is so wide otherwise?




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