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SerLeg and Axis.Step with Arrays

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I have resolved the difficulty with feeding data to the array (as a note

to others, the CfxArray will not accept arrays that have been filled

with the GetRows ADO command - I suspect because GetRows returns a

multi-dimensional array even if you have only 1 field in the ResultSet).

However, I cannot seem to get the SerLeg property to work with a chart

that uses the CfxArray.

Here is the code:

Chart1.serleg(0) = "Signal Returns"

Chart1.serleg(1) = "At-Any-Time Returns"

(There are two series for this chart, plus the X-Axis series)

Similarly, in trying to step the tick marks on the Axis (NOT the markers

in the data series), it's not working, either. Here is that code:

Chart1.Axis(2).ScaleUnit = 1

Chart1.Axis(2).Step = 5

Any ideas? Do these properties work when you use an array to fill the

chart? Is there any secret to the sequencing of these commands (i.e.

like you can only use the serleg property AFTER you've used the

SerLegBoxObj, etc.)


Tony Arnett

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