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Working with Arrays

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I'm getting random numbers on my charts why I try to use arrays as the

data series and labels.

I have 3 series. Each has 5 data points.

Series 1 is for labels, which are text.

Series 2 is from recordset A using the GetRows method and is numbers.

Series 3 is from recordset B using the GetRows method and is numbers.

I know each array is storing the numbers properly, because I use the

same arrays to fill in a table with the data on the same page. But the

values that show up in the chart are gibberish - totally random, and

unrelated to the real numbers.

Combining the two recordsets into one is not an option - results in too

complex a query and the page crashes. Hence, my attempt to pull each

into an array and then use the array method in CFX.

This is for CFXIE 2000, using ASP with VBScript.

If you know of another method that would allow the Chart to pull from

two recordsets, I'll gladly accept that. I'm not tied to the arrays



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