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How to remove CfxTemp/ image files

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I have installed and tested the trial version of ChartFXIE2000 on Windows

2000 Server with IIS5.0.

I've integrated a chart in an ASP page using the following sample code and

the testing was good.

<!-- #include virtual="/Include/CfxIE.inc" -->


Set chart = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer")

Chart.LoadDefault 1

chart.RgbBk = RGB(255,255,255)

chart.TypeEx = Chart.TypeEx OR 32768

chart.OpenDataEX COD_VALUES,2,6

For i = 0 to 2

For j = 0 to 5

chart.ValueEX(i,j) = j * i




<%= chart.GetHtmlTag("500","350") %>


chart.CloseData COD_VALUES


But, when I see the chart in an ASP page, the image file is created in the

wwwroot/CfxTemp directory and stay there forever!

As time goes by, many cfxie2k files are piled up in the CfxTemp directory.

How can I prevent cfxie2k files from being created?

Is there any method that destroys ChartFX.WebServer object and its created


Thanks in advance.


Kyong-yong Yu


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