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Hidden Frame problem

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Chart does not produced when this code  running on on hidden frame,

i.e. frame size = 0

<%= oChart.GetHtmlTag(600,400) %> (ActiveX)

but, when picture generating forced with this code:

<%= oChart.GetHtmlTag(600,400, "Png") %> (picture)

everything works fine .

Sample of hidden frame creating :

<frameset cols="*,0"

<frame name="main" src="main.asp"

<frame name="HiddenFrame" src="HiddenFrame.asp"


If frame size even 1 .. everything works fine too.

I use hidden frame for creating Chart and printing it out.

How Chart creating (with ActiveX) could be forced on hidden frame (frame

size = 0) ?

Regards, Far Stringer

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