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removing the chart border and getting white backgrounds in the legend

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I have tried everything to no avail.  Has anyone been able to successfully

remove the border around the chart when looking at a web page. Also, when I

attempt to change the background of something like the legendbox to white,

it does not work correctly. It might be black in parts, or some other color


Oh yeah, and about the colors in charts. When I set chartfx to output as an

image, png or jpeg, I have set the images to be 24 bit, yet the colors

always come out dithered and the colors always seem to be a negative of what

the chart looks like when it is working as an active x object. This problem

is most easily apparent when ie shows the active x object with correct

colors, and netscape (which defaults to image) shows the colors in negative

(ie. blue becomes red) and horribly dithered. The .img variables do not

seem to do much in either case.

The webserver is W2000 with True-color display.

Any help would be appreciated.

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