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Re: Setting gallery types

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I just noticed that this only happens if I use the option dialog. Using the

API only it does behave like expected.

Stephan Klaffer

DecisionWorks London

"Stephan Klaffer" <stephan.klaffer@decisionworks.co.uk> wrote in message


> Hello,


> I noticed a behaviour of the chart which I don't understand. If I set the

> chart gallery for all series to CURVE, it applies the type to all series -

> like I would expect it. If I now set the gallery for one of the series to

> BAR, the following happens. Instead of setting the one series to bar, it

> sets the ?default? gallery to bar and sets all other series manually to

> CURVE. So instead of having a chart that is a curve chart with one series

> set to bar I end up with a bar chart with all except one series set to

> curve.


> This does not matter for the visualisation of the chart, but I would have


> manage the default type by hand if I afterwards go to change the data, but

> want to keep the default gallery, if you know what I mean. Why is the


> behaving like this???


> Thanks,


> Stephan Klaffer

> DecisionWorks London


> PS: Pseudo code to demonstrate this. It assumes sufficient data set in the

> chart.


> ChartFX1.Gallery = CURVE

> ChartFX1.Series(2).Gallery = BAR


> ' I now expect the ChartFX1.Gallery property to return CURVE, but it does

> return BAR. Asking all other series for their galleries give

> ' back CURVE. If I do this other way around the chart behaves like I


> it.







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