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CFXIE2000 crashes when selecting a gallery type - and some questions

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I have 3D vertical bar chart. If I use the property sheet to change the type

of a single series to a pie chart the control crashes.

It would be very nice if there is a way to limit the gallery for a single

series. I believe I could do this by modifying the command objects, is that

right? Is there a quick way of reseting the command objects to their default

values after I have removed some of the sub items? Or can this be done by

the chart itself? This would be very nice indeed.

Also - I do not fully understand why the gallery box on the property sheet

for all series is disabled if not all of the series have the same gallery

type. Can I somehow enabled the gallery selector for all series even if

there are different gallery types assigned to the series??

Another point I would like to ask. I have a custom context menu. Now I

really would like to use the gallery selector on the standard context menu

in my context menu. Can I somehow get a menu handle to that entry? Or is

there a way to mix custom and default context menus??

Thanks in advance,

Stephan Klaffer

DecisionWorks London

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