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Only 1 date label displays on the X-Axis when there is room to display more

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Thank you very much for all of your help with my previous issue.

I have a problem where only 1 date label displays on the X-Axis when there

is room to display more. I am allowing the ChartFX code to decide how the

X-Axis date labels should be displayed on the chart. With some data, only 1

date displays (see the graphs I attached in the second message of the post

"When running in .NET mode if I have a rotated 3D Chart and I select the

button to go back to 2D mode, I get a System.OverflowException: Overflow

error") even though there is more room to display more dates. Is there a way

to make a date display at the beginning of the chart, a date to display at

the end of the chart, and then have the code display any other dates that

will fit? I can change the Angle or the step and more dates will sometimes

display. Our customers don't want the date displayed at an Angle so I can't

use that for a solution. With a hard coded step, our customer can choose

different date ranges through our UI and they will usually display over the

top of each date label. Sometimes only one date shows when in 2D mode or in

3D mode with certain rotations. Changing modes or rotations will sometimes

cause more labels to display. I have tried changing several settings but I

never get consistent results. Do you have any suggestions?

I have attached a Binary stream capture of a good chart if that will help


Thank you.

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I was experimenting with different settings and found that if I set the

AxisX.LabelAngle to something greater than 0 that sometimes the labels

appeared. I finally stumbled on this text in the help for the Axis.Style


Note: If the axis contains dates (Date Axis) the AutoFirstLabel property

will position the first label at the end of the month. If the AutoFirstLabel

is turned OFF, the labels will be shown using the first avaialble date

and advanced using the Step property setting.

I don't understand why anyone would want dates to display this way but the

functionality seems to agree with the help.

I turned off the AxisStyles.AutoFirstLabel flag and I was still having

problems until I tried taking out each style until I found out I also had to

turn off the AxisStyles.RoundStep flag (which does not seem to be documented

in the ChartFX help). This seems to display the dates better than the

default styles. I am still testing to see if this solves our issues.

Do you have any other suggestions or do you think this will correct the

display issues for our dates?

Thank you.

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