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Re: IIS4 crashes when displaying multiple charts!

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Well I found a possible source of error:

ChartFX1.Title(2) = arBudget(intKPI, 1)

If remark that code I can generate my 5 charts without any problems, but as

soon as I use ChartFX1.Title(2) property with

an array I get problems

ChartFX1.Title(2) = "Test" seems to work tough I havent tried i


I thought the variable inside the array is not a string so I tried with

ChartFX1.Title(2) = CStr( Trim( arBudget(intKPI, 1)))

without any success!

The strange thing is that the 3 chart (intKPI =2) DID NOT draw the Title in


Response.Write (CStr( Trim( arBudget(intKPI, 1))) )

ChartFX1.Title(2) = CStr( Trim( arBudget(intKPI, 1))) ' intKPI=


Response.Write (CStr( Trim( arBudget(intKPI, 1))) )

The Response DID return a string value both times.

There is a possibility that there might be a problem with adressing arrays

some times so I tried:

tmpStr = CStr( Trim( arBudget(intKPI, 1)))

Response.Write (tmpStr )

ChartFX1.Title(2) = tmpStr ' intKPI= 2

Response.Write (tmpStr )

Still the 3rd chart had a missing Title and the server crashed!

Unfortunately I didnt have time to check if it was the string in the array

or the number of chart that was the one making the Title dissapear, any way

it was 3rd chart that had a missing Title.

I solved my problem by NOT using the Title property

I had my deadline on Monday this week so my boss was quite mad, and did a

"quick & dirty" on that one, but still it would be nice know what the actual

problem is.

Thank you for your time Juan

Regards Peter K

"Juan C. Cegarra" <JuanC@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


We will research on this problem, in the meantime you may want to create

a new object (and destroy it when done) inside the loop.

For intKPI = 0 To 4

Set Chart = Server.CreateObject(...)


Set Chart = Nothing


The time spent reading a database and generating an image is a couple of

order of maginitudes bigger than creating/destroying an object so this

will not dramatically affect your performance.


Juan Cegarra

Software FX, Inc.


-----Original Message-----

From: Peter Kundu [mailto:Peter.Kundu@Utero.se]

Posted At: Monday, September 18, 2000 4:44 AM

Posted To: Server

Conversation: IIS4 crashes when displaying multiple charts!

Subject: IIS4 crashes when displaying multiple charts!


My webserver (specifikation below) keeps craching whenever I try show


than one chart (JPEG in CfxTemp) at a time.

I have NO problem at all with one chart, but as soon I used a loop to

generate 5 charts IIS craches.

The WWW-services does NOT stop, IIS Manager does not start and I can not

used Controlpanel/Services to stop It eather.

So the only solution is restart and in most cases cold restart by


the ON/OFF button.

I have isolated the problem area (code below), and tried different


to avoide taking down the webserver. I've made the directory a


that runs in own memory space, without result. I still have to restart!

Server specifikation


P233 MMX

288Mb RAM (200Mb) Free

1Gb Virtual Memory (850 Free)

2,5 Gb free space


NT4 + SP6a (Standalone)

SQL7 + SP3

IIS4 + Frontpage Server Extensions


SAFileUP (Soft Artisan)

VSForum (Videosoft)



1. Retrives data from SQL server

2. Data is formated by ASP into an array 5x4x6 (5 charts, 4 series, 6


3. ASP loopes thru the array generating the chart "Sub DrawChart()"



Sub DrawChart()

EBM_DARK_GREY = RGB(51,51,51)




<META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0">


<BODY text="#FFFFFF" bgcolor="#<%=Hex(EBM_DARK_GREY)%>">


For intKPI = 0 To 4

' Title Settings

ChartFX1.Title(2) = arBudget(intKPI, 1)

ChartFX1.RGBFont(2) = &HFFFFFF

ChartFX1.Fonts(2) = 256 'Bold

ChartFX1.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES, 4, 6

For intSeries = 0 To 3

For intPoint = 0 To 5

ChartFX1.Series(intSeries).YValue(intPoint) = arDiagram(intKPI,

intSeries, intPoint)



ChartFX1.CloseData COD_VALUES

strHTML = ChartFX1.GetHtmlTag(300,200,"JPEG","ChartFX1")


'Response.Write(Server.HTMLEncode(strHTML) & "<BR>" & vbCrLf )


Set ChartFX1 = Nothing

End Sub



Peter Kundu

Solution Architect

Utero Digital Media


Phone: +46(0) 8 22 05 02

Cell Phone: +46(0) 70 445 05 76

Kungsgatan 56



Web: http://www.utero.se

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