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Hello Juan, 

Could you pleas e let me know how I can connect the pouints in the SCATTER

type graph. I would also like to display a label next to aech pouint but

doing 'chart.KeyLeg(0) = "Mar-97" ' does not work and I can not find any

property in the Chart.Series which would let me do that. I'm sure it's there

I'm just not sure which one to use.

Here is my sample code:

Thanks in advance


set chart = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer")

Chart.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES,1,7

Chart.OpenDataEx COD_XVALUES,1,7

'First let's set the Y coordinates using the YValue Property

Chart.Series(0).Yvalue(0) = 0

Chart.Series(0).Yvalue(1) = -1.2

Chart.Series(0).Yvalue(2) = -1.1

Chart.Series(0).Yvalue(3) = 2.5

Chart.Series(0).Yvalue(4) = 1.5

Chart.Series(0).Yvalue(5) = 0.4

Chart.Series(0).Yvalue(6) = 5.5

'Now we send the X coordinates using the XValue Property

Chart.Series(0).Xvalue(0) = 0

Chart.Series(0).Xvalue(1) = 5.84

Chart.Series(0).Xvalue(2) = 3.34

Chart.Series(0).Xvalue(3) = -3.78

Chart.Series(0).Xvalue(4) = 3.96

Chart.Series(0).Xvalue(5) = 2.51

Chart.Series(0).Xvalue(6) = 4.23

Chart.CloseData COD_XVALUES

Chart.CloseData COD_VALUES

Chart.Chart3D = False

Chart.MarkerShape = MK_DIAMOND

Chart.MarkerSize = 4

'Chart.LineStyle = CHART_SOLID

Chart.Gallery = SCATTER

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