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Bar Charts Broken in Cold Fusion

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I was looking at the latest trial version and it seems to have broken my bar 

chart graphs in cold fusion. All I get is one of the default graphs (with

random data) when I render my template. I have tried line and scatter

graphs, and they still seem to work. So I am at a loss. I'll include a

simple template that I can't seem to get to work:

<cfinclude template="includes/CfxIE.cfi">

<cfinclude template="includes/CfxIECmds.cfi">

<cfinclude template="includes/CfxIEExtra.cfi">

<CFOBJECT ACTION="Create" NAME="Chart1" CLASS="ChartFX.WebServer">

<CFSET Chart1.UserAgent = #HTTP_USER_AGENT#>

<!-- General Settings -->

<CFSET Chart1.TypeMask = 109576194>

<CFSET Chart1.LeftGap = 56>

<CFSET Chart1.SetArrayProp("Legend",0,"A")>

<CFSET Chart1.SetArrayProp("Legend",1,"B")>

<CFSET Chart1.SetArrayProp("Legend",2,"C")>

<CFSET Chart1.OpenDataEx(1,2,3)>

<CFSET Chart1.SetArrayProp("Value",0,10.2)>

<CFSET Chart1.SetArrayProp("Value",1,12)>

<CFSET Chart1.SetArrayProp("Value",2,7)>

<CFSET Chart1.ThisSerie = 1>

<CFSET Chart1.SetArrayProp("Value",0,8)>

<CFSET Chart1.SetArrayProp("Value",1,16)>

<CFSET Chart1.SetArrayProp("Value",2,18)>

<CFSET Chart1.CloseData(1)>

<!-- Axis Settings -->

<CFSET Chart1Axis = Chart1.Axis>

<CFSET Chart1Axis0 = Chart1.GetArrayProp("Item",0,Chart1Axis)>

<CFSET Chart1Axis0.Decimals = 1>

<CFSET Chart1Axis2 = Chart1.GetArrayProp("Item",2,Chart1Axis)>

<CFSET Chart1Axis2.Style = 10280>

<!-- Title Settings -->

<CFSET Chart1.SetArrayProp("Title",2,"")>

<CFOUTPUT> # Chart1.GetHtmlTag(533,425,"Auto","Chart1") # </CFOUTPUT>

Also, in the past I posted about Cold Fusion not working with axis

formatting commands like:

<CFSET Chart1Axis0.Format = 3>

Well, it still seems not to work. Has that fix been incorporated into the

trial versions yet?

Chris Denslow


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