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JPEG File Quality/resolution

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Hello Juan, 

I had a look at the sample in FAQs and am generating JPG files in high

quality and when viewed in a PaintShopPro the image is top quality.

I'm using these commands:

chart.ImgTags = "jpeg"

chart.ImgQuality = 100

chart.ImgSmooth = 0

chart.ImgWidth = 290

chart.ImgHeight = 165

chart.Export 9, "d:\charts\myfile.jpg"

Is there any way a resolution could be set for the picture (72 DPI)

Could the server video card setup effect the quality of the picture at all?

The pictures are later exported to anoyher program for conversion to PDF - I

guess that's where the problem is as the quality after conversion is


I suppose ChartFXIE does not support export directly to PDF, does it??

thanks for your help in advance,



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