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Charts stop working

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I have been encountering a stange pheonomenon and I would like to know if 

anyone else has experienced this. I am creating multiple graphs in a COM

component that runs in MTS and using GetHTML to create images which I pass

to my page. The problem is that the graphs seem to just stop working after a

while. I start to get graphs that look like the one below and eventually

they just stop being created and my component can't make any graphs. This

seems to happen every month or so. It is not the graphing code but the

ChartFX object just will not create. I blow away my graphing component and

the ChartFX component in MTS and reinsert them and things still will not

work. I either have to blow aya every entry in the registry for them or

recompile my code a dozen time to get it to work.

Any ideas?

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